SpotOn | Agent | Manager

The brief for SpotOn was simple.

Create a specialised budgeting system for companies making TV commercials.

For 2007, We have completely re-written SpotOn to concentrate soley on the budgeting process. The result is a lean, mean budgeting machine, easier and quicker than any system out there. We have retained the scheduling module, but now its optional. So if you want to use it as a spreadsheet or as a sophisticated, schedule based system, the decision is your.

Click here to download a fully working version. Use it for 3 months, if you like it, then sign up for a quarterly fee. See below for pricing.

SpotOn was designed and developed by observing producers and directors at work and listening to their daily concerns; so this software is not some outsider’s idea of how commercial budgeting works – this is the real thing.

It makes preliminary budgeting easy and straightforward because it lists anything and everything that you might need to include in a budget – salaries, equipment, multiple units working in different countries, opticals – whatever is required you will find it here. Furthermore, modifications to the lists can be made to suit the particular needs for your company. They can also be modified from one budget to another. As you check through the lists, your forecasts are being combined and cross-referenced.

Rates approved by the APA – time and overtime – are already entered in the software. Spot On instantly converts currency. Overtime calculations are all automated even down to penalty hours. When using SpotOn, producers are truly in control of their budget as they can add penalty and travel hours manually, delete and add days on a line-by-line basis.

SpotOn is a dream to use.

Big clear page
s, simple and sensible prompts, easy navigation. You can pick it up fast and begin using it straight away. This is how software should always be designed. It is cross-platform (Mac, PC).

SpotOn takes all the hard work out of budgeting and organising. Now, if you want to be a great film-maker, all you need is SpotOn and loads of glorious talent.

SpotOn Main Features

-Cross platform (Mac, PC).

- Create scheduled or non-scheduled budgets

- Support for up to 10 schedules per Budget.

- Automated Overtime penalty Calculations as per the APA rules.

- Fully automated Weather Day management.

- Create templates based on entire budgets, or on a section by section basis. You can then utilise the templates in creating your next budget.

- Built in Equipment and other databases allows the user to select from 10 different equipment entries per line.

- Customise the built in Rates and currency database to suit your organisation.

- Export and Import facilties to share between different SpotOn users.

- PDF's created from within SpotOn.


SpotOn costs are based on a quarterly payment of £30+VAT. Every 3 Months the system will ask for re-authorisation, if you decide not to authorise, you will not be charged.